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What we do

We are a new Boiler installation and replacement company. We are specialists in replacing both conventional and combi boilers, and also converting old systems to work with new combi boilers. We thoroughly recommend Worcester boilers and we are an accredited installer for Worcester bosch.

This means that the leading manufacture of boilers in the UK has approved us to fit their new boilers. It also means we can offer extended warranties on all new gas boilers we install. You can now get a new boiler with a 10 year warranty covering full parts and labour.

Our engineers have sat a full days course on every single new gas boiler they install, whether it be conventional, system or a combi boiler. Along with the fact that they rarely go a week without installing the same model twice means the experience and professionalism in our team is unmatched when it comes to Worcester gas boilers.

The new boiler does need to be serviced once a year to keep the warranty valid. If you have your new boiler installed by us, we will send out reminders every year so you don’t forget to get it done!!

worcester bosch accredited installer

New Boiler Finance

New gas boilers are often an inconvenience and are usually the result of an old boiler breaking down or being condemned, often weeks before Christmas!!

This is no joke for anyone, especially homes that have a young family that depend on a working boiler for their heating and hot water.

The expense of a new boiler is never welcome which is why we offer a broad range of finance to help shoulder the financial burden.

In some cases if you have an old boiler and are having it maintained on a service contract, getting a new boiler and paying monthly can actually save you money!!

You can opt to pay for your new gas boiler over 10 years at just 9.9% APR, meaning a standard new boiler installation or replacement with no deposit is not much more than £20 per month!!

You can also have a boiler replacement and pay nothing for 12 months. You can even pay half and defer the balance no problem. The buy now pay later option for our new boiler installations is completely flexible in the amount of deposit you would like to put down.

If you opt for a new Worcester CDi Combi Boiler you can take 2 years at 0% APR. All you pay for the new boiler is what you have borrowed, making this finance a very popular option.

new boiler finance

What is a combi boiler

A combi boiler, also known as a combination boiler, combines your heating and hot water in one unit. This eliminates the need for loft tanks and an airing cupboard with a hot water cylinder.

A new combi boiler delivers hot water instantaneously so is far more efficient than having to heat up a full cylinder of water to just do the dishes!!

Because combi boilers deliver mains pressure water out your hot taps, it often gives a superior shower compared to a tank fed system. A thermostatic mixer shower is the best choice to use with a new combi boiler.

Despite a combi boiler being the best choice for the majority of homes, larger houses or properties with poor water pressure may still benefit from a conventional gas boiler system. We would advise if a new combi boiler would be the best choice for your home when we undertake a survey for your new boiler. More information on combi boilers can be found here.

worcester combi boilers

What is a conventional boiler

A conventional boiler is also referred to as a regular boiler or ‘heat only’ gas boiler. They are often in larger properties where there is a bespoke hot water demand, the showers are pumped, or other reasons a combi boiler would not be suitable.

A conventional gas boiler is just as efficient as a combi boiler but generally the system it is installed on can lose it some points and make it less green than its combi boiler counterpart. As long as you attend to the parts of the system losing heat, there is no reason why a conventional boiler replacement cant save you just as much money.

To improve the efficiency on a conventional gas boiler system, you should pay attention to the airing cupboard first. Large copper cylinders that are not properly insulated are the main cause of inflated gas bills. An old cylinder jacket is better than nothing but not as good as the foam covered cylinders available today.

Also make sure your visible pipework is correctly insulated in the airing cupboard and also in the loft. Make sure your tanks have lids on and they are protected from the cold as this is another place where heat can escape, causing your gas boiler to work harder and give you larger than needed gas bills. Find out more about conventional boilers here.

which endorsement for new boilers

What is a system boiler

A system boiler is often confused with a conventional gas boiler. A system boiler is pressurised, similar to a combi boiler but has a hot water store, similar to a conventional gas boiler.

A system boiler is often installed with a unvented cylinder, this is a pressurised hot water store that is usually larger than a copper cylinder and usually has a white plastic covering, keeping the insulation in.

A system boiler would be the first choice in a large property with a demanding hot water consumption. Large baths or multiple showers running at once means a combi boiler would be unsuitable and reduce the hot water comfort immensely. Click here to find out more

worcester bosch accredited installer




What do the numbers next to gas boilers mean?

This is the greatest cause of confusion when we are giving quotes for new boiler installation and replacements. Other companies can also often get it wrong, leaving the consumer with little or no chance of understanding the new boiler that would be best suited to them.

The number is a heat output of the boiler in Kw, this is the easy part to understand!! On a conventional gas boiler or system boiler this becomes even simpler as the number refers to the power of that boiler in Kw, sounds and is, simple!!

Now we come onto Combi Boilers and things get a little more tricky!! The number next to the combi boiler is again, a heat output in Kw, but it refers only to the hot water output. It actually has no bearing on the central heating output at all!! This is where confusion arises and combi boilers get sized incorrectly, costing the customer money.

An example is when we go to quote on replacing a combi boiler; the property is a standard three to four bedroom house with one bathroom and an electric shower. There would typically be a choice between a 25Kw combi boiler and a 30Kw combi boiler. Both the boilers are 24Kw output on central heating so we have to decide what would be better to install based upon hot water consumption.

If the property only has one electric shower and only needs hot water for the kitchen and bathroom sink, and a standard size bath, we would choose the 25i as the correctly sized combi boiler.

By changing the shower to a thermostatic mixer ran off the combi boiler, we would choose the 30Kw combi boiler so the impact would be lessened if, for example, someone was in the shower and another hot water demand was used. If we fitted the 25Kw combi boiler in this instance, the shower would not be comfortably usable should another hot tap be required in the home.

We’re always happy to discuss the sizing of your new combi boiler or help out in any other way we can. Just use the contact form below and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

new boiler warranty

Our Warranties

Long warranties on new boilers and products have increased dramatically over the past few years. On all new Worcester Boilers we can offer up to 10 Years parts and labour warranty, meaning you will be trouble free for nearly the entire lifetime of the new boiler.

You will be covered initially by Worcester for the first 7 years, so they will attend your home in the unlikely event that the boiler needs repairing. After that, providing the new boiler has been serviced by us each year, the remainder of the warranty will be covered by us.

Our workmanship is also covered by a 10 year warranty. Should one of your new radiators, valves or any of the pipework we install become faulty, we will replace or repair as necessary.

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Will a new boiler save me money

A new boiler, central heating system or conversion of an old gas boiler to a new combi boiler can often be seen as an investment which will pay back over time by reducing your gas bill.

The majority of people that enquire about a new boiler are currently having their old one looked after by a company offering a Home Care Plan. These are typically in the region of £20-£30 per month and cover your boiler for breakdowns and often give an annual boiler service.

The length of the warranties provided on the new Worcester Boilers we install means that these plans can often be downsized and in most cases, cancelled, saving up to £400 in some cases.

Add this to the money your new gas boiler will save you and its easy to see that it could pay back in a handful of years whilst increasing your central heating and hot water comfort.

We’re so confident we can replace your boiler and save you money. If you don’t save at least 10% on your annual gas bill with your new boiler, we will pay 10% of that bill, guaranteeing savings whatever happens!!

Why not use our calculator on this page to see how much money you could potentially save with a new gas boiler.

Where we install Gas Boilers

We replace boilers in Wirral, Liverpool, Flintshire, Chester, Wrexham, Warrington, Runcorn, Widnes, Ellesmere Port and Deeside. We also cover surrounding areas so if you are after a new boiler please I’m sure we will be able to help.

There are so may areas we install new boilers that they are impossible to list so contact us with your postcode to see if we can give you a quote for fitting a new gas boiler.