4 Reasons to Get Your Boiler Checked Out This Summer

Get Your Boiler Checked Out

Summer is finally here and hopefully to stay for a while. Now is probably not the time to be worrying about boilers and central heating. However, we believe that summer is the perfect time to check your boiler is working, get a service and address any problems before they turn into bigger ones.


Get prepared

The last thing you want when the cold starts drawing in is to find out your boiler is faulty just when you need it. Getting your boiler serviced well ahead of time will ensure that it’s at top working condition when it gets chilly.


It’s easier to get an appointment

People have more of a need for plumbers or gas engineers in the colder months for boiler breakdowns or radiator faults. That’s generally when people notice there’s a problem and also when pipes are likely to be damaged by ice.

As many people aren’t using their central heating in the summer, you can take advantage of this to get an appointment booked that suits you better.


It could be cheaper

Some gas engineers will increase their prices in the winter when their services are more needed. As it’s usually their quiet season in the summer they may be more likely to offer deals to try and get more customers. So you might be able to save yourself a bit money by getting your boiler looked at in the summer.


Boilers always need care

Boilers are sturdy and built to last for years but constant heat in the winter followed by no use in the summer can leave them a bit more delicate than you might think.

One of the common causes of breakdown in the winter is neglecting your boiler in the summer. Leaving your system idle for months could take its toll on your pipes and even damage them.

Getting your boiler serviced after months of heavy usage, particularly with the awfully cold weather we’ve had this year will ensure your boiler makes it to another winter.

You might want to test your heating a few times over the summer to keep the pipes in good condition and to ensure everything is working correctly.


Need a new boiler?

Have you found a problem with your boiler and have to replace it? We provide brand new boilers and full installation. Boiler can be hugely expensive but with our financing options, you can spread the cost of a new boiler in a way that suits you.