7 home luxuries we take for granted

enjoying your home comforts

When people think of first-world luxuries they usually think of the latest tech, fancy drinks and fine dining. But there are so many home luxuries we take for granted – you might be surprised at what’s classed as ‘luxury.’ Here are just a couple we thought were worth mentioning…

Fridge / Freezer

Imagine having to go food shopping every single day! But with the presence of fridges and freezers we can all do our shopping online for a month – or even more if we so wish. In the old days, people would shop for everything separately – the meat would be from the butchers, the fish from the fishmongers, the fruit and veg from the greengrocers and so on. Now we have the ultra-convenience of supermarkets so we can stock up on food to freeze for later. 

Hot water

In 1868, Benjamin Waddy Maughan invented the first domestic water heater that didn’t need to use solid fuel such as coal or wood. This lead to the invention of hot water taps – saving so much time and money for millions. Having a nice hot relaxing bath or refreshing shower wouldn’t be possible – we’d either be very smelly or just very cold all the time. 

Central heating

Even though central heating was available to homes in the 1950s, a lot of lower income homes didn’t have central heating until as late as the mid 1980s. There have been many stories about children in the 60s waking up with frost on the inside of their windows in the winter! Central heating is one of the biggest home luxuries we take for granted – if you want your entire home to feel like a tropical jungle then you can (although it is better to save money on your energy bills!)  


Windows can let in light, air and provide a good view. This is good for both your mental and physical well being, because light exposes you to vitamin D which in turn increases the happy hormone serotonin and the feel-good hormone dopamine. Up until the 1850s there was actually a tax on the number of windows a home had – bad news if you lived in a mansion. Fortunately, we got rid of that tax but you can still see bricked up windows on buildings today. 

Good view

Britain is home to many different landscapes – from coastal to urban, we’re spoiled for choice. We’re lucky that our councils are investing in our country’s beauty – be it sleek new entertainment complexes or a gorgeous nature parks. It’s especially a luxury if your home overlooks a stunning view. This could be anything including an iconic landmark such as Big Ben, rolling green hills, impressive mountains, lush forests or even a beautiful sea view. 

Outside space 

Whether your outdoor area is acres of land or a few squares metres of patio, having your very own outside space is very much a luxury. A large proportion of people living in inner cities don’t have access to their own garden. They may have access to a public park but opening times vary and it’s not quite the same as having your own private space. This brings us to the next home luxury we take for granted…

Personal space

Privacy and personal space is a big contributor to a healthy, happy and balanced life. It doesn’t matter if your private space is your home office, bedroom in a houseshare or a second reception room – it’s a place to recharge your batteries and have some time out. According to Spare Room, there’s been a 71% increase in people searching for bedroom shares during the last two years. People are sacrificing the simple luxury of privacy in order to pay cheaper rent.