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Controls for your Boiler

With the vast range of boiler controls available, choosing the right fit for you can be a daunting task. We’ve got a guide below which should make things a little easier

Standard Wireless Thermostat

standard stat

This is the standard thermostat we install the majority of the time. It has identical functions and appearance to the Honeywell CMT 927. It detects the air temperature of the room it is in and offers 2 on/off periods per day. It is a 7 day programmer meaning each day can be programmed differently if required. The unit has an OFF button and a Manual override for simple use.

Worcester MT-10 Mechanical Timer

worcester mt10 mechanical timer

The Worcester MT-10 mechanical timer is the simplest timer in the range. Switch your boiler on, off or onto timed mode. On timed mode just push in the segments of the time you would like your boiler to come on – that simple!!

MT10 RF Mechanical Wireless Thermostat

worcester t10 rf wireless thermostat

This thermostat gives the user both simplicity with the added control of a room thermostat. It has an analogue display and you can set daily start and finish times for your heating as well as adjusting the room temperature.


Worcester Comfort Digital Programmer

worcester comfort programmer

The comfort plug in programmer controls your central heating and the hot water pre heat function on the boiler. It offers simple menu navigation and simplistic use whilst being able to offer 7 day control.

Worcester Comfort I RF

worcester comfort rf.

The Comfort RF1 incorporates all the benefits of the Comfort Plug in timer as well as having a wireless thermostat to give control over room temperature. All the Wireless thermostats we use have an extremely reliable signal.

Worcester Comfort II RF

Worcester Greenstar comfort 2 wireless thermostat

The comfort II is a fully programmable room thermostat with just a receiver at the boiler. This means full control of heating times and temperatures i9s don via the wall mounted thermostat. Ideal for boilers installed in attics and bedrooms as once the water temperatures are set, the boiler can be left alone. The Comfort II has 6 adjustable heating temperatures per day so is flexible for any household.

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