Boiler Servicing

Getting your Gas Boiler Serviced

boiler analyser

To keep your gas appliances both safe and efficient it is recommended that you have them serviced at least once a year. If you have had a new worcester boiler installed with an extended warranty, it is a condition of that warranty to get the boiler serviced annually. Unsafe gas appliances still kill a number of people every year so having the serviced delivers peace of mind as well as potential savings on your gas bills.

As part of a service we will

  • Strip and examine the boiler
  • Test the safety devices are operating correctly
  • Analyse and adjust co2 levels
  • Test your inlet pressure
  • Gas rate your appliance
  • Clean the condensate syphon
  • Clean your magnetic filter(If applicable)
  • Test your entire gas installation for any leaks
  • Check your flue terminal for safety
  • Supply a detailed certificate upon completion
  • Automatically notify you 12 months later

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