Conventional Boilers

What is a Conventional Boiler?

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A conventional, or “heat only” boiler, are ideally suited to homes that have a traditional system installed and would like to keep the same format. These systems will incorporate the loft tanks and a hot water cylinder usually situated in an airing cupboard. This is certainly the best option when older radiators are fitted to the system as they may not be able to cope with the higher pressure associated with combi boilers or system boilers. They are the only option if pumped showers are installed and you don’t want to change them, as any form of pumped hot water outlet is incompatible with a combi boiler.

Conventional Boiler Range

Worcester Ri Boiler

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 Worcester Ri Regular BoilerThe worcester ri is the most popular model when replacing a regular boiler. The have four different outputs – 12Kw, 15Kw, 18Kw and 24Kw so cater for the majority of homes in the UK. They are small enough to fit in a kitchen cupboard so installation is extremely versatile. They also have integrated frost protection so peace of mind comes as standard for both attic and garage installations.

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Worcester Ri (27Kw and 30Kw) Boiler

Worcester Ri Regular Boiler

The recent addition to the Ri family was the introduction of a 27Kw and a 30Kw model. They were introduced to give larger homes more versatility if space saving was high on the priority list. They are small enough to fit inside a kitchen cupboard and have integrated frost protection.

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Worcester Cdi Classic Regular Boiler

Worcester Cdi Classic Regular Boiler

The Cdi Classic Regular Boiler is a top performing wall-mounted boiler. They are designed for larger properties where there is more demand for heating and hot water stores need to be replenished quickly. The Cdi Classic has set the heating benchmark for efficiency and power, making it an excellent choice for comfort and convenience, as well as reducing gas bills.

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Worcester FS CDi Regular Boiler

cdi floor standing boiler

The Cdi Floor Standing series are an ideal replacement for current floor standing boilers, especially where they are under a kitchen worktop. This leaves the end user with minimal disruption during and after installation. Frost protection and a condensate pump come as standard to add to the versatility of this boiler.

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