Secret Pricing

Why are prices such a secret??


One thing that has always struck me with life in the trades is the utter secrecy of and ambiguity of pricing. Since we started out in the domestic gas industry back in 2006 a lot has changed. When we started we didn’t have a website, any credibility (reviews) and near enough all our work came from paper advertisements.
Fast forward to 2016 and a lot has changed. We are now a specialist company who concentrate solely on the installation of new gas boilers. Our marketing along with everything else in the business has evolved with it, including our transparency on pricing.
Unfortunately the same cannot be said for any other local company we have come across in the north west. The cloak and dagger approach of almost blind auction tactics is one of the most puzzling things about the construction trades. Ive always, so my mum says, had a favourite question since I could speak and I would like to employ it here. That question is “WHY?”
Rewind again to 2006 when we first started, I look at the prices we charged and wonder now how a living was ever made!! I do remember that my firm belief was that the cheaper we were, the better chance we had of getting work and if I could get an inkling of what someone else had quoted, I would undercut it and expect to get the work.
I wouldn’t have dreamt of sharing my quote with anyone else for fear they would just do the same to me. The ‘price battle’ stance was one I was not going to abdicate for a number of years.
I believe this is what happens today with almost any company we come across and all it will cause is frustration to the end user. Our main policy is to improve the experience for our customers, which is why we happily display our prices online.
A new boiler or central heating installation is one of the largest (cost wise) investments you will make to your home and if you’re prepared to spend your money with us, its only right to make things as easy and as simple as possible.
When I finally decided to stop fighting over the scraps with other companies with the ‘price battle’ attitude I began to realise that there truly was another way. Did I always buy something because one shop was selling it cheaper? Would I do something I was not comfortable with to save a few pounds? If I did, how would I feel?
I realised that I was just as interested in the experience I was getting as well as the price, amongst a number of other factors. So price, as I found, was not the be all and end all of being in, and obtaining, business. I had, due to my natural curiosity to improve and incessant questioning, stumbled across a new phenomenon-“VALUE”.
Value is not to be confused with something cheap. If something costs twice as much as a competitor but lasts 3 times as long is the cheaper option really representing value? My own personal Einstein moment!!
Value was my new mission, I wanted value, I wanted our customers to have value, so we changes everything that didn’t represent value, right down to the wall plugs we used!!
We promote Worcester Boilers, not because they give us money to, or we have shares in them, but because they represent value!! Sure we can fit a cheaper boiler for you if you wish and you’ll be a few hundred pound better off, but the value will decrease. You wont get a 10 Year Warranty, you wont get offered a range of finance and inevitably it will more than likely cost you more in the long run.
We use better chemicals in your system opposed to ‘cheaper’ alternatives that may not be stamped with accreditations. Again, they may be cheaper but they don’t represent that little five letter work I have grown to adore….VALUE!!
We, as a company, can be undercut by anyone who takes the time to use our online quotation facility. Does that worry us? Not at all!!
Firstly, it improves customer experience, which should show that we have our customers at the forefront of our values. Secondly, our reputation we have generated from our customers testimonials carries the fact that we sell quality, and we execute it immaculately. This kind of ‘customer first, profit second’ attitude we carry, can only result in us getting more customers who want a better overall experience, not just a cheaper job. After all when you’re getting a new boiler, ‘cheap’ is still a lot of money to get it done badly.
Along with transparent pricing, we offer finance on all our Worcester Boilers. You can have up to 2 Years 0% interest on certain models, defer the payments for a year, or take up to 10 years at just 9.9% APR.
We are a ‘Which’ Trusted Trader, proud members of Checkatrade and endorsed by Wirral Trading Standards. So if it’s a New Boiler you’re looking for, contact us for a quote.


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