System Boilers

What is a System Boiler?

boiler and solar range

A system boiler, like a conventional boiler, requires a separate water store to supply hot water. The main difference is that system boilers have the pump integrated into the boiler and have the option of an integrated motorised valve.This usually makes installation quicker and easier. System boilers are for use on pressurised systems, often with unvented cylinders making them a great choice for efficiency. They are also the number one choice to use with a twin coil solar cylinder, delivering environmental benefits as well as driving down gas bills.

System Boiler Range

Worcester i System Series

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greenstar i system boiler

The Greenstar i system gas boiler comes in 6 different outputs, varying from 9Kw-24Kw and is a great choice for the majority of UK homes. With all the system components contained inside the boiler alone with simple user controls, this remains the most popular choice in the range.

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Worcester Greenstar i System (27Kw and 30Kw)

greenstar i system boiler

The 27Kw and 30Kw models of the i system gas boiler are a new generation of smaller, lightweight, wall-mounted boilers. They give larger properties the benefits and versatility in installation of a smaller boiler, yet deliver higher outputs. They can be installed in a kitchen cupboard and offer a great solution where there is a higher heating and hot water demand.

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Worcester Cdi Classic System Boilers

worcester cdi system boiler

The Worcester Cdi Classic System Boiler are all about delivering top level performance to a multitude of properties. With outputs of 30Kw and 35Kw they can serve households with the heaviest use of heating and hot water, replenishing supplies swiftly and efficiently. With a programmable output it means these boilers can retailer made to even smaller properties, meaning if a future extension is in the offing, they can be re programmed to take the extra demand.

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