The cost of not fitting a new boiler


Fitting a new boiler is undoubtedly a worthwhile investment – it saves you money by cutting energy bills, works more efficiently and significantly lowers the risk of calling out the repairman. But what’s the cost of not fitting a new boiler? Here are just a few consequences if you keep putting ‘new boiler’ on the bottom of your to-do list…

Gas boiler efficiency 

Data from the Energy Savings Trust reveals the central heating boiler accounts for over 60% of your utility bills. So if you’re looking to cut down on your energy bills and efficiency then the boiler is the first thing you’ll need to replace. On average, a non-condensing boiler is G-rated which can be as low as 50% energy efficient, whereas a new condensing boiler can be up to 89% energy efficient. Plus, old boilers take far longer to heat than new boilers – so you wouldn’t exactly have hot water ‘on tap.’ But a new boiler dispenses hot water within a matter of seconds, or even milliseconds. 

High gas bills

Nearly every new boiler built in the UK today is a condensing boiler – they conserve much more energy and there’s barely any wastage. Depending on the size of your home and how often you use it, a more energy efficient condensing boiler could save you up to £200-300 per year. 

No peace and quiet

Old boilers are far noisier than new boilers – this is especially troublesome if your boiler is fixed on the adjoining wall of your bedroom when you’re trying to sleep. If you invest in a high quality boiler it can be as quiet as 44 decibels – which is the equivalent of whispering in a library! 

 Takes up too much space

An old boiler tends to take up much more space than a new boiler. They can be up to double the size of their modern counterparts, which isn’t great for more compact homes such as studio flats and smaller houses. New boilers save up more space so you have more storage room.

Less control over heating

If you have a modern central heating boiler you can control the heating in each room with separate thermostats. An older boiler, however, doesn’t allow much in terms of temperature control. This can cause your home to be too cold or too hot and never ‘just right.’ Investing in a new boiler gives you optimum control over your heating.