What Boiler Do I Have?

Confused about what Heating System you have?

Due to a Boiler Replacement only needing to take place 12-15 years it is a topic that you are forgiven for not being engaged or familiar with. It is a common situation we find our customers in – what do I currently have?

To get an accurate online quote we need to help you identify what boiler and heating system you have if you are unsure, with the aid of the diagrams and explanations below we should have this sorted out in a matter of moments!!

A Combi Boiler

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Worcester gas combi diagram

 A Combi or “combination boiler”, is a single compact, high efficiency unit that heats your central heating water to your radiators and also the hot water coming from your taps. There is no airing cupboard for a hot water store so you will not have a cylinder.

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Conventional, Regular or Heat Only Boilers

Worcester Gas Regular Heat only Traditional Diagram

A Conventional Boiler System, also known as a Regular or Heat Only Boiler. These systems have typically two header tanks in the attic and a hot water store, typically a copper cylinder, in an airing cupboard. You will currently have to program your heating and hot water to come on. The hot water system can also be referred to as “gravity fed”.

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System Boilers

Worcester Gas System Diagram

A system boiler can sometimes cause a little confusion with a conventional system as they hold a couple of similar characteristics. Firstly they both have a separate hot water store. System boilers typically have an unvented water store, usually in the form of a large white vessel in an airing cupboard that can be up to two and a half meters tall. A system boiler is pressured so will have a small pressure gauge on the front of the boiler and need topping up via a “filling loop” every now and then.

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