What Boiler do you need?

new home boiler

Photo courtesy of stevendepolo(CC Attribution)

If you’re looking to replace your central heating system or you’ve moved into a new property where the system needs upgrading, the most important starting point and question that you ask is: Which central heating boiler system best fits my needs?

Which boiler you’ll choose depends on a number of factors: the space that you have in your house, the type of fuel that you’d like the boiler to use, and what is the best or most appropriate system for your property.

What is the best boiler for me?

In terms of systems, there are three possible boilers to choose from: Combi boilers, system boilers and regular boilers. 

A combination or ‘combi’ boiler is both a central heating system and a efficient water heater; the advantages of this are, firstly it doesn’t require a water tank like other systems do, and secondly – it is extremely cost-efficient.

A further benefit to the combi is that installation is generally cheaper than other kinds of units due to it needing less pipework to be installed. 

The best combi boilers are energy efficient units offer hot water at mains pressure, so that there is no need for a pump to increase water pressure if you have a power shower.

A system boiler uses a cylinder for hot water storage but doesn’t require a boiler. Two benefits of such as system is that it is compatible with solar water systems, which can save on energy bills. These types of systems are particularly useful for larger properties with more than one bathroom that may require greater water heating.

Regular boilers, are of the conventional kind, which use a traditional water tank in properties with older central heating systems.  Because of their ability to store large amounts of hot water they ideal for family homes that have a great deal of hot water use, and are particularly beneficial if you live in an area where water pressure is low.

The best central heating boiler for you then, depends on your circumstances – including the size of your property and the size of your family or number of occupants in the property. The best boiler is one that will heat your house, supply hot water for your needs and will of course, have the energy and cost-efficiency to meet your budget.