Why and when should you install a new boiler?

when should I install a new combi boiler

Installing a new boiler is one of the most worthwhile investments for your home. Thanks to fuel efficiency, it can pay for itself within as little as 18 months. A new boiler means you won’€™t have to keep the heating on for as long to warm up your home – potentially saving hundreds on your energy bills each month. This is the most common reason for a new boiler installation – but what other reasons are there? Check them out here:

Moving home

Whether you’€™re renting or buying, your boiler is one of the most important things in the home. If you’€™re renting, your landlord should ensure your boiler is up to date and energy efficient – they will usually arrange a boiler installation for you if it’€™s out of date. But if you’re a homeowner then you’€™ll need to arrange a boiler installation yourself.

If your boiler is over 10 years old

If your boiler is over 10 years old it’s highly likely you’€™ll need a new boiler. Due to advancing technology and changes in legislation, your old boiler probably isn’t as energy efficient or even as safe as it used to be.

We install boilers with a 10 year warranty.

Size of your home

Determining if you need to replace your boiler includes taking note of how many people make up the household. For example, if you’re a big family you probably use a lot of hot water – so it’€™s a good idea to get a new boiler to keep up with your needs.

Undergoing renovation

Similarly to moving home, you’€™ll need to check your boiler if you’re undergoing a renovation. You may discover that you have an old gas or oil boiler with an individual separate hot water cylinder. This means you may need to switch to a combi boiler so the hot water comes directly from the boiler itself – which can be more efficient in the long run.

If you’re adding rooms to your home and installing new radiators, check your incumbent boiler can handle the additional pressure on the system. You may find a new boiler is required to maintain consistent heat in your new extension.