Worcester combi boilers

worcester Bosch combi boilers

Photo courtesy of zoghal(CC ShareALike)

Worcester Bosch combi boilers are among the most popular models of boiler available. They provide efficient hot water and heating requirements for larger properties as they deliver 30Kw of central heating output. A Bosch combi boiler does away with the need for a hot water cylinder, and delivers hot water at mains pressure as needed. This makes this range just as suitable for smaller properties, as there is no need for a separate tank in the roof either. A Worcester Bosch boiler will work in a flat or other location where there is little loft space, and because there is less pipework, installation is often cheaper than other boiler options.

The Worcester Cdi Classic is a wall-mounted 30Kw combi boiler with up to 42Cdi, delivering 17.2 litres of hot water a minute. So when all the family are home and wanting showers, it will cope comfortably with the hot water requirements of two bathrooms and the central heating as well. Plus the last person into the shower will enjoy just as much hot water as the first.

The Worcester Cdi Compact is a slightly smaller boiler, with a top rating of 36Cdi. This delivers 14.7 litres of hot water a minute, so despite its small size, this boiler is also suitable for houses with two bathrooms. It is compatible with solar thermal renewable energy, so will work well in those houses fitted with solar panels. It is designed to fit into a standard kitchen cupboard, saving space in a smaller kitchen without compromising quality or output.

A Worcester 30Kw combi boiler is a sound investment that will last for years, even in a hard water area. We offer a 10 year warranty on all our Worcester combi boilers and 2 years’ interest free credit on all Cdi combi boilers, so it couldn’t be easier to decide to change or upgrade your boiler now. Why wait until your previous model is gasping its last breath when replacing it before it fails completely is so convenient?